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The Long Road Back

Hi everyone. I realize it’s been months since I’ve written. To be honest, I haven’t had the heart to. Due to some very personal problems, blogging took a backseat, as did Magic. But I’m back and ready to try again.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know I was involved with (and by involved I mean engaged to) another commander player. Thanks to the worst Thanksgiving ever, that’s no longer the case. We broke up, I moved out, and we’re both living happily never after. Sheer bliss.

Here’s the kicker: the jerk kept my Magic cards! (And if he’s reading this, I hope he feels some semblance of shame.) Tip: don’t combine collections; just don’t. I took my EDH Deck and a few cards that were mine the night we split. In the upcoming days, I fought a battle to get a few more back as well. Which really honestly, not that happy to have to nearly send someone my debit card statements to prove I owned a card fair and square. Jerk. But whatever, not like I basically flushed my entire collection down the toilet or anything. May you open bulk rares in every booster pack for the rest of your existence, my friend.

Because of this, I nearly quit Magic. I realized I was having no fun in ultra-competitive EDH; I wanted my old blue-white deck back. I tore the Leovold deck we’d made to pieces (not literally) and cried as I sleeved up the broken pieces of my old Bruna deck. But I couldn’t bring myself to play with my friends, even when I had a better rendition of her completed. The first few times I played, the sadness and raw grief nearly crushed me, and my game was definitely off.

Thanks to the support of the Lady Planeswalker Society, my collection was slowly restored. My friends from before and new ones were understanding and encouraged me to take my time before returning to the game. And I did. Slowly. Thanks to players everywhere, I healed and found my passion in playing again.

I hosted a mass EDH night to celebrate my graduation from college, and my group plays regularly. I’m also undertaking Leovold again, but my style. (Remember how I said my ex let me play how I wanted? Yeah, maybe not. Some people never will understand that there are more ways to Doomsday than just one.) I just finished Aether Revolt’s prerelease with the best record I’ve had at a prerelease, and beyond that, it was the best night with friends.

I can say now without a doubt that the Magic community loves its players. I want to say thank you again to the LPS who sent cards and other surprises to help me rebuild. I want to thank my friends, old and new, for standing by me and giving me my wings back. Magic has been such a big part of my life in the short time I’ve had it. It’s given me a hobby, it’s given me a side income (Shameless plug, I run an Etsy shop of custom deck boxes under the same name as my blog), and it’s given me my closest friends.

I’m glad I didn’t turn my back on Magic. Being a completely single girl has taught me much about myself and how to stand on my own two feet at the tables. As a female Magic player who has endured her own personal hardships, sexism, and heartache within the game, I’m so thankful for the community I’ve been blessed to be a part of as I “grow up” as a player. I’m thankful for the welcoming arms when I cried; I’m thankful for the helping hands extended to rebuild and repair. I’m thankful for the patient friends who listened to me threaten to dropkick my ex, and I’m thankful that they’ve protected me ever since.

So thank you, to all you beautiful players out there. Because of you, I look forward to many more years of playing and memories.



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One thought on “The Long Road Back

  1. This was an amazing read Brianna, thank you for writing this. In the late 90s, I had my collection stolen and sold to a local gaming store. Luckily, unbeknownst to the thief, the staff was a friend of mine who instantly recognized the collection and how it was organized.
    We ARE a generally good group of people, magic players.

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